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Aos Devotos de Nossa Senhora

‘O Cavaleiro e o Pacto com o Diabo’ é um conto de Theophilo Braga em “Contos tradicionais do povo português”. Como posto aqui traduções e este já é português então decidi traduzí-lo na língua universal. A fonte do site deste conto é http://contoselendasmedievais.blogspot.com/2008/07/o-cavaleiro-e-o-pacto-com-o-diabo.html

A tradução:

The Knight and Pact with The Devil

A noble knight powerful and rich spent all your estate and fell in very great misfortune. He had a wife very caste and devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Having a big festival in the town, the knight wanted to make many expenditure but didn’t have gold anymore. In shame, he hid into the wood until the festival has done.

Being the knight at this place, showed him up a creature very austounding on an amazing horse and asked him why he was so sad. The knight told him the whole story. And the austounding creature sad him:
_ If you wants to make what I order you, I’ll make you have more wealth and more honor than never.

The knight promised him that would make everything he wanted if he accomplished what was saying. And the devil sad him:
_ Go to your home and dig in some place. You’ll find many gold. And promised me in this day you will bring here your wife.

The knight promised it. He went back to home and found very gold according to the devil and begin to live as before.

When came the day as he promised to take your wife to the devil, told her to mount a horse because they had to go far. Despite the great fear, she didn’t dare to contradict the husband and went with him recommending to the St. Mary. Going by the path they saw a church. She entered and the husband was outside the church waiting for her. While she prayed devotely to the Virgin Mary, she fell asleep. The Virgin took the recemblance from that woman, left the church, climbed on the horse and followed the journey with the knight who thought to have your wife beside him.

When they came into place instantly came the devil but didn’t dare approached of them. Began to tremble and make too much noise showing great fear. And sad to the knight:
_ Oh deceitful and so disloyal knight! Why did you make me so much derision and makes me so badly for so much well I made you? You promised me that would bring me your wife and brought Mary. I wanted revenge you of your wife for much injuries that makes me and you brought me This who torments me gravely and cast me in the abyss from hell.

When the knight heard this he felt great astonishment and admiration, and in great fear he couldn’t speak. And The Virgin sad to the devil:
_ For your daring and your audacity presumed to kill a devote mine. But you won’t scapes without pay it. I order you to descend fastly to the abyss from hell and hereafter don’t create obstacle to anyone who ask for devotion.

When the devil heard this, fastly departed from there howling and making noisy. The knight came down of the horse and thrown on the ground to the feet of Virgin Mary. She reproached him for what he made and ordered to come back, so would find his wife sleeping in the church. Ordered to throw out the golds got from the demon, and then She desappeared.

The knight returned to the church, awoke your wife and told her everything what happened to him. They back to your home and threw away what the devil had get. They percevered in the service of Virgin Mary, much devoutly, and than became very rich in the service of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tradução: Eliana Lara Delfino


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